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Mustard Grass

California in the spring is really beautiful.  Our state gets so green in the winter with the rains (or should I say WHEN it rains).  Fortunately we’ve had a lot of rain this year.  Bright yellow mustard grass spreads across the vibrant green hills and only lasts a short time after the rains when the sun comes out, but oh what a sight it is to see!   I can’t help but smile when I see it.  🙂

This is an artistic redo of a “regular” photo I took of this very spot in a previous post.  If you want to see the before picture, please click here.

Mustard Grass @ Garin Park

Mustard Grass @ Garin Park



Hayward Japanese Tea Garden – Showoff

This is the last in the series from the Hayward Japanese Tea Garden.  I really milked this outing for all it’s worth lol.

This image I created to be a more graphical representation of a tree in the garden.  Originally the thought was to make it more like Japanese brush strokes but I’m not well enough to focus on doing anything too new, so I went with what I know already.   Looking forward to getting out soon!









Hayward Japanese Tea Garden – Nestled In

I’ve been a bit under the weather for the past week and hopefully will get out this coming week to take pictures.  Fortunately I have a few more from the Japanese Tea Garden plus Monochrome Madness on Tuesday!

Hayward Japanese Tea Garden

Hayward Japanese Tea Garden