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Classic Car Time

Not that I know much about classic cars, but I do love looking at them.  There’s a museum near us called The Blackhawk Museum where we took some visiting relatives the other day.  The museum was founded by Ken Behring, who used to own the Seattle Seahawks, and it has an amazing collection of classic cars.

This car is a Ford GT40, driven in the 24H of LeMans by Sutcliffe and Spoerry, 1966.  Kinda cool eh?

I processed it in Nik HDR and then Nik Color Efex with a splash of Photoshop CC here and there.  I really didn’t want to overdo it but wanted to make everything stand out a bit more.  FYI…this was bracketed on my camera and THEN processed as an HDR.  Just to clarify. 🙂

Classic Car at Blackhawk Museum

Classic Car at Blackhawk Museum


No Umbrella Necessary!

The San Francisco Bay Area thankfully has a natural air conditioner called “fog”.  It rolls in most nights into San Francisco off the Pacific Coast, crawls across the bay and even makes its way inland blanketing the area in a natural coolness most nights.  People who haven’t seen this phenomenon might wake up their first morning here and think, “oh, it’s going to rain”!   No rain in the forecast here…..just clear blue skies after the fog parts.

This morning I managed to catch the sun making its way through the fog over the golden hills.  Rule of thumb:  coat on when there is fog, coat off and short sleeves after it parts!  No umbrella necessary.  🙂

Fog over the golden hills of the San Francisco Bay Area


Architecture Heaven

Yesterday we went to The Cathedral of Christ the Light in my hometown of Oakland during our Saturday afternoon drive.  I was so excited to go inside this church and take a picture because the last time I visited this place was when I first started taking pictures in 2011.

Unfortunately when we got there, someone informed me that a wedding would be starting soon, so I couldn’t spend the time I would’ve liked.  This church has won several architectural awards…it’s quite stunning.  I’d love to go back sometime and spend a little more time as I felt a bit rushed when the guests were arriving and I was a bit in the way.  I’ve put the photos in a gallery here for your viewing pleasure.

Additional Exciting Information!  haha  –  For those who are curious…I’ve pasted the link to my old church photo I took in 2011.  It was actually my first HDR I ever processed but from one photo since the camera I owned then didn’t have a bracketing function.  I also didn’t have a wide angle lens at the time so the shot looks too small to me now.

Click on this link to see old photo