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Journey of a body on this earth



A few weeks ago when I was at the edge of our continent in San Francisco gazing off into the golden sunset, I noticed a helicopter flying across the ocean.  It kept going back and forth and I saw some coast guard boats out there as well.  It was an odd feeling to see something so golden and beautiful yet knowing deep in my heart that they were searching for someone.  I’ve seen this all too often.

The next day I found out that five teens were at Ocean Beach and got pulled in by a rogue wave.  Three teens survived but the other two were lost at sea.  😦   There are a lot of rip tides and rogue waves around here and so many people get too close to the edge of the waters.  If you plan to visit here, please read the signs and heed their warnings.

Helicopter over the SF Coast on a Search and Rescue Mission

Helicopter over the SF Coast on a Search and Rescue Mission


Sparkling Windows from the Golden Gate

Standing at the Golden Gate in the Marin Headlands, you can see sparkling windows in the Berkeley Hills as the sun went down behind me in the west.

Sparkling Windows

Earlier, just as we had arrived, my husband said, “Do you see that helicopter?  I think it’s going to fly under the bridge!”  I didn’t have the camera ready for anything since we had literally just gotten there, but I quickly lifted the camera to my eye, saw the chopper and fired off a couple of shots.  I found out later that it’s a helicopter tour.  Funny, I never knew they did this and I’ve lived here all my life.  Makes even a local want to take the flight.

Helciopter Under the GG Bridge