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Carpeted Path

From the archives and not yet posted, here’s an image I created from my short walk in Redwood Regional Forest a couple months ago.  I really adore way the path is compact and carpeted with leaves and branches from the big redwoods.  It’s so pretty there!  Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

Redwood Regional Park

Redwood Regional Park



The Golden State

Many people think California is called “The Golden State” because of the gold rush but it’s actually because the hills turn golden brown in the summer and the fields of poppies that bloom in the springtime.  This was taken up on Mt. Diablo about a month ago.  I really love the majestic oaks that dot the hillsides.

The Golden State

The Golden State

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Clouds ‘n Sunsets

Last night I went on a mission to capture a sunset from our local mountain, Mt. Diablo.  We had some really beautiful clouds going on and that doesn’t happen a whole lot around here at this time of year.  As I was driving up the mountain, I just “knew” I was going to get some nice shots.  Well, let’s say that I knew the opportunity would present itself.  Whether or not these are good shots is always up to debate. 🙂

Sometimes I fumble with my equipment.  I couldn’t find my step-up ring for my Hoya filter so I improvised by using my polarizing filter so I wouldn’t get such a harsh glare from the sun.  I don’t know why I can’t seem to prepare myself a bit more before I leave the house.  But all in all, it was nice to get out from behind the macro for a bit to take some sweeping photos of the beautiful area I live in.

Note about the 2nd and 3rd photos….you can see the fog rolling in over the hills from the San Francisco Bay.  It’s our natural air conditioner!

Hope you enjoy!