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A View from the Hill (2 iPhone photos)

We have so many hills around here which make hiking a challenge sometimes….wait…a lot of the times.   Seems the good things in life never come easy!   If we have intent we can do almost anything!

Looking across the valley I had a sense of accomplishment.  I wanted to stand there and revel in it a bit.  With this achievement was a great feeling of satisfaction and freedom.  I’m the little engine that could!  And ohhhhh what a view from the hill!


View from the Hill – Taken on my iPhone


A long road to climb but great things await for those who have intent and perseverance.



Mustard Grass

California in the spring is really beautiful.  Our state gets so green in the winter with the rains (or should I say WHEN it rains).  Fortunately we’ve had a lot of rain this year.  Bright yellow mustard grass spreads across the vibrant green hills and only lasts a short time after the rains when the sun comes out, but oh what a sight it is to see!   I can’t help but smile when I see it.  🙂

This is an artistic redo of a “regular” photo I took of this very spot in a previous post.  If you want to see the before picture, please click here.

Mustard Grass @ Garin Park

Mustard Grass @ Garin Park


California Spring!

Spring has sprung in the Bay Area!

A couple weeks ago my husband and I took a drive out in the east bay hills and it was velvet green everywhere…mustard grass and lavender adorning the hills.  Winter and spring are the seasons for green here in my beautiful state.  In the summer and fall, California is brown and is why it’s called “The Golden State”.  The green doesn’t last too long around here either so these precious views are something to enjoy while they last…and especially now because we are in a severe drought.  In the meantime…enjoy the velvet!


Green Hills of the East Bay

Green Hills of the East Bay