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Welcome – One Photo Focus

THIS IS A SCHEULED POST.  I WILL RETURN TO CHECKING BLOGS SOON.  It’s One Photo Focus time!  This really is a fun challenge.  We were all given an image to work on, so I’ve posted both my image and the original below it.  Thank you to Cee Neuner for the original image!

The Process:

Because this house has such a homey, cozy feeling with the huge greenery providing a framework for the front door and porch, I decided on cropping it to tell the story of how good it would feel to approach this house.  Then I ran it through Topaz Restyle and chose a palette to represent the sun setting.  After that I applied Topaz Impression at a reduced opacity and then dodged and burned just a bit here and there.  Finally I added some neutral density filters selectively around the edges.  Hope you enjoy it.

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Original Image

Original Image by Cee Neuner



A house is a house….

Unless it’s like this!  A few days ago we went to the Lyon Street Steps in SF.  I hadn’t been in ages, and it hasn’t changed a bit!  If you’ve never been there, this is a must see and one of the “hidden” treasures in SF.  It’s near the Presidio in the Marina District.  Here’s a link in case you’re interested.

The Lyon Street Steps are a go-to spot for personal trainers, runners, and tourists looking for spectacular views of the Palace of Fine Arts and a short cut from Pacific Heights to Cow Hollow. Starting at Green Street and Lyon, you climb up 124 of the steepest stairs before reaching a break. Don’t forget to turn around and take it all in while you catch your breath. The rest of the climb is a little easier with wider steps taking you past one of the many “Hearts of San Francisco” hearts and senator Dianne Feinstein’s home (just one of the breathtaking mansions you’ll see during your urban hike).

This is a house at the base of the steps….

Lyon Street Steps House in San Francisco, California

And a view from the top…..

Lyon Steps