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By the Light of the Moon in Yosemite

My last post talked about how the snow in Yosemite had a variety of looks in various scenes, and I shared one of the looks with the marshmallow “puff” image.  This time I’m showing you an icy blue look…at least that’s how it appeared to me.  I’ve never seen such an amount of snow layered on the trees and ground so perfectly.  It was truly a magical place!

You might’ve noticed that I’m working on processing photos differently just to see what I get.  Studying the light and shadow of other images as well as paintings helps me a lot.  The thing is translating what I see into an image.  Not easy!   I’m sure I’m on the baby end of things but I sure have fun learning.

By the Light of the Moon in Yosemite

By the Light of the Moon in Yosemite

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