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The Kitchen Sink – Monochrome Madness

It’s another iPhone photo for our Monochrome Madness Challenge this week.  I used to worry that I wasn’t using my Nikon for every photo but I’m totally over that now, lol.  It’s my belief that however you capture the photo and whatever you to do it, the end result is all that really matters.

For this image, I was inspired by a sponge.   Washing dishes can be sooo inspiring, lol.  After I put the sponge down I thought…hmmm….I see black and white!  My phone was nearby so I grabbed it and took this photo.  I uploaded it into Photoshop CC and converted it to grayscale and then played with the colors in a layer.  A bit of noise reduction and a vignette after that and voila!

The entire challenge can be found later on Leanne Cole’s Site “Monochrome Madness”  so please check it out.


Kitchen Sink




No Decisions Needed – Monochrome Madness

Recently I was going through my photo stream deleting old images and found this one taken on my iPhone.  I realized that it would be perfect for our Monochrome Madness Challenge this week.

About a month ago, I was descending stairs in a building and saw this unusual window with beautiful light streaming through.  It was so incredible that I had to stop and take a picture with my iPhone.  As I took the shot, I knew it would be a B&W photo.   Total time to take the picture and process?  Hmm…about 30 seconds to take three pictures and about 3 minutes to process lol.  I love it when this happens!

It’s funny how photography works sometimes.  There are times I go out and plan a big day, spend hours getting there and getting back and working on the images.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  It’s totally enjoyable to me, but sometimes photos just magically appear without me having to work at all in deciding where to go and what lens I’d like to use.

The entire challenge can be found here on Leanne Cole’s Site “Monochrome Madness”  so please check it out.  There are so many good photographers there!




School’s in Session!

There is a really neat old schoolhouse near us that was built in 1889.  The schoolhouse is called the Tassajara School House.  I’ve seen it before but this time I really got a good look around.

There was a very nice man there named Ed, complete with cowboy hat and all.  He takes care of the little school house and I could tell he really loves doing so because he was happy to share a bit of the history and what goes on there.  He explained that school children from around the area come and experience a day at school by dressing in period costumes and attending an old-fashioned class.  They say the original Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of that era and they even play as kids did in those times by walking on stilts.  Amazing!

Ed mentioned that I would be welcomed to attend a class sometime as long as I sit in the back, lol.   Thank goodness I can still get in one of those small desks….and even better that I could get out.  😉   My homework will be to go back and take some pics when class is in session.

Here is the first image I took of the exterior.   This was taken on my iPhone and modified in Snapseed.

Tassajara School House