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Journey of a body on this earth



On my way to PT the other day…as a passenger of course.  🙂


Rolling down the highway

Rolling down the highway




Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from snapping pictures…..rolling down the open highway, blue skies, and a sense of freedom.  That’s what iPhone photography has brought to the table.  Freedom to snap whenever we want to, capturing a moment in time that maybe we otherwise couldn’t.

Moving me down the highway
Rolling me down the highway
Moving ahead so life won’t pass me by
Like the North wind whistling down the sky…………..(lyrics by Jim Croce)


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The dawn of the unslept

I don’t know how many of you out there have insomnia, but it is one beast!  I’ve had it all my life.  Even as a child I can remember having a hard time falling asleep, but lately OMG…it’s been bad.  It’s definitely not the knee replacement, because it’s been feeling very good lately.  Oh yeah, my knee replacement!  Isn’t that why I started this whole blog in the first place?  😉

Who knows why this is going on but the last few days I’ve been running on very little sleep and last night I only got two hours.  I’m a bit cross-eyed looking at this screen; but not too much to say that I’m thankful I’m here, and I’m looking forward to our upcoming Alaska trip in one week!

I used to spend an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer not accomplishing anything at all, but now I’m out living life, enjoying my husband, making new friends, and reacquainting myself with old ones….WOW what a difference!

Please check out this link.  Mark Hirsch has been documenting the life of one oak tree for an entire year, taking one picture a day with his iPhone.  The creativity is INCREDIBLE!!!

Picture of the Day:  For your viewing pleasure, today we have a picture taken with my iPhone of my 17 year old cat, Hobbes.  🙂    *rawr*