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Prehistoric Tea Anyone?

I still have a few more photos from the Hayward Japanese Tea Garden….I think I have a couple more posts in me.  You know how I like to drag them out haha.

This time I thought I’d share a scenic shot and oddly enough it looked prehistoric to me.  Not what I would expect from a Japanese Tea Garden!  The entire place was just so incredible and I tried to get a little bit of everything in one shot.

Prehistoric Tea

Prehistoric Tea






Hayward Japanese Tea Garden

I took my camera club to the Hayward Japanese Tea Garden a couple days ago.  What’s funny is that I thought this garden should’ve had flowers but found out later that traditional Japanese tea gardens are all about the bonzai not the flowers.  Once I figured that out, I knew I’d be looking for patterns and colors of the foliage.  It was an amazing place actually.  I’ve been around the bay area all my life and I never knew this place existed.

I think everyone had a lot of fun judging by the amount of photos that were uploaded into the club’s website.  Here are a couple from that day.  I’ll post more later in the week.