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More Sunset……

As my weekend is drawing to an end, I thought I’d post another sunset image from Lake Chabot. ¬†ūüôā

Lake Chabot at Sunset

Lake Chabot at Sunset




Lake Chabot Sunset (2 images)

Last night I took my camera club to Lake Chabot in Castro Valley for sunset, and Mother Nature did not disappoint! ¬†All I can say is WOW! ¬†I haven’t seen a sunset like this in awhile and was so excited that it happened when I scheduled our outing.

The sky was ever-changing and I’m so happy with the images I got. ¬†Both of these were taken with¬†my Sony A7 using a¬†16-35mm lens. ¬†The first is a pano later in the evening which I did absolutely nothing to except to straighten the horizon¬†and the¬†second was taken a bit earlier with the same camera and lens, lightly processed in Lightroom.

Enjoy the display!





Lake Chabot and a Sunset (2 images)

I went up to Fairmont Ridge with my camera club a few days ago and the sunset was just stunning! ¬† For this post, I’m including two photos. ¬†Please¬†click on the blog to see both images. ¬†Thank you!

Picture 1: ¬†Lake Chabot – Looking east from Fairmont¬†Ridge at Lake Chabot (named after Anthony Chabot…detail below) which is a reservoir serving the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area. ¬†You can see Mt. Diablo in the distance which is¬†the Bay Area’s tallest¬†peak at¬†3,848 feet.

Picture 2:  Sunset over the SF Bay РLooking west from Fairmont Ridge over the SF Bay.

If you haven’t heard of Anthony Chabot, he was quite the forward thinker, and there are many places in the East Bay named after him. ¬†If you like you¬†can read more about him here in this Wiki.

Lake Chabot

Lake Chabot

Sunset Over SF Bay

Sunset Over SF Bay