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I’ve been awaiting return of my camera which I sent back to Nikon to be repaired about a week ago.  A few months ago I sent it in for a service advisory they announced (which is like a recall where they repair for a known issue) even though there was nothing wrong with it.  At the time I thought I’d better take them up on it in case my camera ended up having problems later.

Wouldn’t you know that another problem cropped up after I received my camera back from the service advisory?  Thank heavens I didn’t have to pay for this issue because Nikon acknowledged that the issue was created from the last time they had my camera.  Nikon has been really great with its customer service, so thank goodness and thank you Nikon!

My camera should be arriving Tuesday, and I can’t wait!  Meanwhile back at the ranch…….I’m narrowing down on the images from Land’s End.  This one was done in Lightroom.

Hope you all had a great weekend!





Shaking It Up

My eyes are twirling around in my head looking at all these colors on the screen lately, so time to take a color break and post a black and white!

Still touring around Land’s End in San Francisco, I couldn’t help but be attracted to the shadows, light and lines of this scene.  I liked it in color but there is something much more compelling about it in black and white.

When composing this image in camera, I applied the Golden Spiral rule placing the origin of light in the upper right hand corner.  Honestly, sometimes I can’t really explain why I use one rule over another except that it just looks better.  I’ve also learned not to get too tight into the shot otherwise I have no room to crop just in case.   If you’d like to read about basic crop rules, please click here.  To me, the crop or composition is the most important thing about the image so I always try to compose in camera and spiff it up by cropping if necessary in Lightroom or Photoshop.

I’ve also included a (attempted creative) shot of my good friend Dan Shehan hehehehe.  Hiya Dan!  (Wonders if he will see this lol.)

In the Distance

In the Distance

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There is nothing quite like standing on the edge of a continent looking out at the incredible sunset!  I loved the texture of the water and the sun setting out on the horizon.  The rocks two-thirds of the way out helps the depth of this image I think.  They carry your eye out to the sun and off into the sunset as they say!

For description and pricing, [Click here]

For description and pricing, [Click here]