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Twisted Up – Monochrome Madness

I love these tall cypress trees.  There seems to be a lot of them along our California coast.  Last month I saw these at a museum called Legion of Honor in SF and thought they were so incredible with their long trunks and greenery at the top.  Even the railing there at the bottom has a twisted shape to it.   The backlighting on them was pretty cool and I loved how the starburst was created through the trees.

Twisted Up

Twisted Up

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Looking Up

Today was a lot of firsts for me.  A first trying out my new camera (a Nikon D750) a new lens (Nikon 14-24mm), and a first for walking as far as I did on my new knee.  I seemed to do pretty well although I’m on ice now, lol.  The image is of an arch at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.  It was a beautiful day and I had fun trying out my new equipment.

I’m not used to seeing things through a full frame camera, not to mention this kind of a lens.  I was mesmerized by what I saw.  It’ll be fun to try more architecture…….and I mean SOON!

Legion of Honor

Legion of Honor in San Francisco, California