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Skyline is Golden

For the last month or so I’ve been wanting to take a shot of the San Francisco skyline and I got my opportunity the other night when I was taking photos of the Bay Bridge.  Once the blue hour had just about ended, I zoomed in on the buildings to avoid the bridge on the left and managed to capture this using a 6 second exposure.  The fog was rolling in which created a nice contrast between it and the lights emanating from the tops of the buildings.

Ahhh….it’s like a jewel box all golden.  🙂

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Skyline is Golden

Skyline is Golden



Western Span at the Blue Hour

Here’s another image of the western span at the blue hour ten minutes earlier than yesterday’s image.  It was shot at 72mm with my 28-300mm lens.  Yesterday’s image was at 190mm, same lens, both 6 seconds.

Blue Hour Western Span

Blue Hour Western Span

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Western Span of the Bay Bridge

Last night my good friend Dan Shehan and I met up at Treasure Island for some photos.  We had originally planned for sunset shots but the fog was too far into the bay to get a sunset.  Enter Plan B!  Up to the top of Treasure Island we went in hopes of capturing the western span of the Bay Bridge.

Dan and I stood in different spots and I think where I was standing was a lot windier.  It was whipping around pretty good up there…so much so that when my camera’s shutter was open to take pictures, I had made a circle with my hands around the tripod neck in case it fell over.

Here’s the first one of the group.

Western Span Bay Bridge

Western Span Bay Bridge

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