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Making of “KPN Tower ~ Working Dynamics” – A Road To Fine Art

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Making of “KPN Tower ~ Working Dynamics” – A Road To Fine Art

…complete with a stunning video of my post-processing by Nicholas Rizzo of Rizzo Media Factory . (Video at the end of this tutorial)

KPN Tower ~ Working Dynamics I - Mabry Campbell KPN Tower ~ Working Dynamics I – Mabry Campbell

Final Image

The making of this image, KPN Tower ~ Working Dynamics I, was a huge process and it began in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Rotterdam is perhaps the most exciting city I have ever visited to view and photograph architecture. Everything there is amazing. Upon arrival I was immediately shown around the city by my good friend Armand Dijcks. Armand is a local and knows his city very well. I’d like to give him credit for showing me this view, and according to him it has never been shot before. I doubt I would have found this view without Armand’s help. Additionally, the style of…

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One thing I love about photography is that there are so many techniques to learn to create images.  One that’s always intrigued me is Long Exposures.  There are some really cool shots you can get with that technique, and my upcoming trip to Carmel should be perfect to do it!  This week I plan to practice a bit before we leave next week.  What’s cool about it is that it works great for color or B&W photographs as well.

Check out this short article and the cool images made from this technique!

The other issue I’d like to address for all my knee replacement buddies is that I plan on having my second knee replaced at the end of this year.  Next week I plan on calling my doctor to schedule the surgery.  Ugh.  It’s a long road to hoe, but it’s gotta be done, especially since we have some fabulous trips planned next year and the year after.  I want to be able to carry my camera to the Great Wall in China!