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Journey of a body on this earth


The Look of Love

It’s been crazy busy here, and I’m sorry to say that in the next couple weeks my posts will dwindle a bit because of this.  Life happens sometimes!  I’ll try to keep current by either reblogging or posting a pic here and there, if I can manage to take one that is.

Yesterday I did manage to get a shot of some turkeys that were gobbling and standing on the side of the street near our house. I think these males are trying to attract a female.  Hmm…I hope they weren’t eying me!  Somehow the thought of chestnut stuffing came to mind.  😉





Rest in Peace My Furry Friend :(

Only a few short days after Hobbes’ 18th birthday, Hobbes has passed away peacefully.  😦    I’m reposting the pictures here to honor him and to let everyone know how much I loved him.  He gave me such comfort and love, and believe he had a really good life.   He will always be remembered.  Now off for a good cry!  :((((