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Learn and Practice

This morning I saw on someone’s blog about using for creating a free GIF, so thought I’d give it a whirl and came up with this.

Every time I learn something new, I try to apply it somewhere just so that, by a stroke of luck, I might remember it for the next time I might want to use it.  So after creating a couple of practice runs with other photos, I looked for a photo I thought might look cool with the reflecting water so I used what you see below.  I’ve also included it in my website for kicks under my About Me page.  Ain’t technology grand?  🙂

One thing that’s not so grand is my memory!!  My sincere apologies for not remembering who here in our WP community shared this site, but thanks for the heads up!  ADDENDUM!  Thank you to AMY for clueing me into the site for the animation!  Check out her blog!

Flower Reflections

Flower Reflections