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We Are Back!

We are back from our trip back east.  We went on a San Francisco Giants baseball trip to Boston (Fenway Park) and New York City (Yankee Stadium) and it was fabulous!   We were mostly doing baseball things but we had a little time to see some other sites.

One of the highlights for us besides all the baseball (in no particular order) was the Circle Line Cruise which circumnavigates Manhattan Island.  That was really a great tour!  We learned so much about New York from a real New Yorker who was born in Greenwich Village.  He was great!  I’d been to New York City once when I was 16 but we all know that was a long, long time ago so I don’t remember much except I did go up into the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

I haven’t processed any except the one below which is one tiny portion of Manhattan Island shot from the boat, but I’m not exactly sure where this was lol.  I do know that the most iconic skyline view I unfortunately had to photograph into the light due to where the boat was at that time of day.  The pictures didn’t come out the best because of it.  I’ll see if I can do more for them later.

Another highlight was Carnegie Deli…yes a strange highlight for some but we loved it.  Their pastrami sandwich and cheesecake are to die for!  My arteries are hardening from all I ate.  🙂

All in all I think I enjoyed Boston the most.  New York was a bit too busy for me.  Just to compare, the population of San Francisco is about 750K whereas New York City has 8.5M!!!  Seriously I think I was overstimulated there and felt a bit claustrophobic.  Both cities had incredibly friendly people though…at least that was our experience.  We loved that part!  I mean after all…I kinda do enjoy talking.  Shocker I know.  😉

I’m hoping to catch up to all of you in the next day!

City Drama - on Circle Line Cruise

City Drama – on Circle Line Cruise