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Marina at Sunset #2

This was taken at the Martinez Marina a few weeks ago when I went out with my club.  Honestly I wish I could tell you what this structure is but I have no idea.  In any case, I thought it was a cool structure and worth photographing.  Click on the image for a high resolution view.

Martinez Marina

Martinez Marina



Marina at Sunset

Seems I go in spurts with images doesn’t it, and I guess I’m on a roll right now!  The other night when we were at the Martinez Regional Shoreline, I seemed to get some decent images although I didn’t think that would be the case when I got there.  I’ve been there before but not so much with my camera.  Initially I sort of wondered what I would be photographing, but as the sun dipped in the sky, a wonderful golden light was cast everywhere.  There was hardly any wind (a rarity for this area) so the reflections became like glass.

Normally I don’t really care for marina shots…I mean how many do we see?  Soooo many.  But the light, color and reflection were so amazing that I just couldn’t resist!


Martinez Marina




I think something is amiss with posting to word press.  My last post hardly got any views which is really strange.  I noticed when I posted that it gave me an error message yet it was viewed successfully by a small segment of the readership.  Recently I just posted this image yet I got another error and couldn’t even see it myself!  Weird!  So now I’m trying to post this one as a new post rather than using “copy a post” which is how I usually post.  Has anyone else had issues with this?

I took this at Crockett, California the other day and loved the old rustic building and boat.  I think I must’ve been a fisherman in a past life or someone who worked on the docks because I really love the feeling when in these locations.  🙂



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