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I always laugh at the filter called “Topaz Simplify” because I hardly think it’s simple.  There are lots of presets, but to me they are presets that are used to create layers on top of other layers in Photoshop.  Of course, isn’t that always the way?  It’s just that with this filter it seems not as straight forward as the others, but perhaps it’s because I don’t use it very often.  Hmm it’s a conundrum!  A filter in effect called “simple” is so confusing I stay away from it!  Honestly, it’s almost like a metaphor of learning lessons in life.

Anyway, that’s my philosophy for a Sunday morning.  Have a great rest of the weekend everyone!

The Simple Truth

The Simple Truth



John Muir Bedroom

Lately I’ve posted a couple of images from the John Muir House and found another image to work on.  (Hurray!)  It was really fun to go inside the house although it was almost closing time when I got there so I had to zip around.  Old Victorians are so beautiful and this was no exception.  The detail in these rooms was just amazing and I wish I knew how much of it was original.  I can’t imagine the quilt being original, lol.

It was fun to figure out how to process this image.  Having taken a photo of our modern kitchen the other day, it was quite noticeable that the process would be quite different this time.   I also used my 24-120mm lens again but I think next time I go back I’ll use the 14-24mm.  Tight spaces call for a wide angle lens.

Hope you enjoy!

John Muir House - Bedroom

John Muir House – Bedroom


John Muir House

The other day I zipped over to see the John Muir House which is an historic site not too far from where I live, and it is where John Muir and his wife Louisa lived until his death in 1914.  The mansion was built in 1883 by Dr. John Strentzel, Muir’s father-in-law, with whom Muir went into partnership, managing his 2,600-acre (1,100 ha) fruit ranch.  Why I’ve never been there is beyond me.  It’s a self-guided free tour and you can even go inside the house.  I’m definitely bringing my wide angle lens next time I go.

For those of you unfamiliar with John Muir, he was a Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher and early advocate of preservation of wilderness in the United States. His letters, essays, and books telling of his adventures in nature, especially in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, have been read by millions. His activism helped to preserve the Yosemite Valley, Sequoia National Park and other wilderness areas. The Sierra Club, which he founded, is a prominent American conservation organization. The 211-mile (340 km) John Muir Trail, a hiking trail in the Sierra Nevada, was named in his honor.  Other such places include Muir Woods National Monument, Muir Beach, John Muir College, Mount Muir, Camp Muir and Muir Glacier. In Scotland, the John Muir Way, a 130 mile long distance route, was named in honor of him.

I wished I had more time.  Perhaps sometime soon I’ll go again so I can get more pictures.  I actually posted a picture of a landscape the other day which was taken right outside the mansion.  You can see that here.

John Muir House

John Muir House