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Architecture Heaven

Yesterday we went to The Cathedral of Christ the Light in my hometown of Oakland during our Saturday afternoon drive.  I was so excited to go inside this church and take a picture because the last time I visited this place was when I first started taking pictures in 2011.

Unfortunately when we got there, someone informed me that a wedding would be starting soon, so I couldn’t spend the time I would’ve liked.  This church has won several architectural awards…it’s quite stunning.  I’d love to go back sometime and spend a little more time as I felt a bit rushed when the guests were arriving and I was a bit in the way.  I’ve put the photos in a gallery here for your viewing pleasure.

Additional Exciting Information!  haha  –  For those who are curious…I’ve pasted the link to my old church photo I took in 2011.  It was actually my first HDR I ever processed but from one photo since the camera I owned then didn’t have a bracketing function.  I also didn’t have a wide angle lens at the time so the shot looks too small to me now.

Click on this link to see old photo