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Rest in Peace My Furry Friend :(

Only a few short days after Hobbes’ 18th birthday, Hobbes has passed away peacefully.  😦    I’m reposting the pictures here to honor him and to let everyone know how much I loved him.  He gave me such comfort and love, and believe he had a really good life.   He will always be remembered.  Now off for a good cry!  :((((



Happy Birthday!

It’s a very special day today.  It’s my beloved cat Hobbes’ 18th birthday!  I’ve had animals all my life, one dog, one parrot, two cockatiels, and several cats.  Hobbes is the oldest cat I’ve owned and the one with the most personality for sure!   I’ve always called him “my loverboy” because he so enjoys his cuddles.

Even though he has a myriad of health issues, he still has a good quality of life.  He’s in stage 3 of kidney failure which means I give him subcutaneous fluids every day, and he also has megacolon and pancreatitis, not to mention he’s partially deaf.  He yowls so loudly because he can’t hear himself!  Oy!  The mornings are “fun”, lol.

The most unusual thing about Hobbes is that I’ve never heard him hiss!  Not even once in 18 years.  He’s the most docile, loving cat I’ve ever owned.  I hope I see him make 20!

Below are a few photos I’ve taken over the last few years.  Unfortunately only a couple were taken with my DSLR.  Most were iPhone photos with in-phone app processing.

But here he is in all his glory!