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Moon Under the Bay Bridge

I’ve been a bit vacant on social media these days and my apologies for not checking in with all of you on a more regular basis.  Life has been a bit busy lately!  I hope to get back to normal within a day or so.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a picture I took last night of the moon rising behind the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge taken from Treasure Island.   There’s another angle I’d like to try sometime but it wasn’t too bad from this side.  I hardly ever do night shots mainly because I’m too lazy to go out later haha but I did enjoy it.  Perhaps I need to make more effort in the future.  🙂



Encroachment – ABFriday

It’s ABFriday time!  This really is a fun challenge.  I created this post only a few days after Stacy sent out the email because I love it so much, so it’s been waiting in the queue all this time!  Thank you to those who have sent me such kind and understanding emails. I truly appreciate it!

We were all given an image to work on, so I’ve posted both my image and the original below it.

In general, this is how I did it:

First I removed the lamp post to the left using content aware.  Then I took a moon photo, upsized it and colorized it.   To show the moon in the image, I masked out the area in the sky and retained the branches from the tree on the left using the “Blend if” mode in Layer Style.   In order for the moon to fit perfectly in the sky before I masked it in, I removed the tops of the trees on the right and also the streetlight from the original image so that I wouldn’t have a mess around the trees near the building.  After masking the moon in, I used some tree branch brushes on a blank layer to put tops on the trees again.

Next I added a color balance layer to adjust the shadows, lights and midtones to enhance the mood here.  After that I ran it through Nik Analog to further enhance the mood and then used Adobe Extension Manager to add a texture via Adobe Paper Texture Pro.

Have I mentioned how much I love editing???????

Check out the entire ABFriday Challenge and also Stacy’s Post too!  Thank you to Manal Ali for contributing the original image!

My Version

My Version (see original image below by Manal Ali)

Original Image

Original Image


To The Moon!

Sitting on my back deck has proved to be not to shabby for taking photos.  You’d think I planned all these photos as of late!  Today’s post is of a plane passing by the moon.  I could not believe my luck.  I’ll let the image speak for itself.

To The Moon

To The Moon