Laura Macky Photography

Journey of a body on this earth


Before & After

I’m noticing that some of my older pictures aren’t looking like I thought they did when I processed them.  As I grow as a photographer and a post processor, I notice things about my old pictures that I don’t care for.  I really knew very little about how to handle images back then.  Not that I’m an expert now, but I do understand some basics that I didn’t know about before.

Below is a picture of Mosquito Lake in California originally taken in July 2011.   The top image shows the original processing, and the one below I reprocessed just a few minutes ago.  (Note:  I reprocessed from a jpeg as I did not have the original raw image to work from.)   The reprocessing consisted of correcting color cast through a channel mask, enhancing details, lightening shadows and adding a Graduated Neutral Density filter.  Soon I’ll be back out taking more pics…in the meantime…..