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Journey of a body on this earth


A Closer Look

At the top of Mt. Diablo they have those pay-per-view telescopes so you can view things a bit closer.  It was a bit hazy that day, so I didn’t try it out.

I think the best time to go is in the winter when the skies are clear and you can see the Sierras.  My next mission regarding this mountain is to go up at sunrise to catch the light over the valley and then to catch the sunset.  Unfortunately you can only get up so far since they don’t open the gate until sunrise but I scouted a few places I could go in front of the gate.  The only other way is to camp there….and that’s not happening anytime soon!  lol

Mt. Diablo Telescope


Walk Along the Summit

So the other day I posted an image from the Summit of Mt. Diablo and I received a few comments of surprise (not surprisingly, lol).  It wasn’t the atypical summit photo one might expect and I did build up some expectation of a beautiful vista.  The day we were out was a bit hazy, not good for those stunning, clear views of the sierras, but I did manage to take a few shots that might be more in keeping what people would expect from being on top of a mountain.

By the way, I do want to thank you for the positive comments I got on that previous summit photo.  The response was really great.  I enjoyed doing something different.  🙂


Before & After

I’m noticing that some of my older pictures aren’t looking like I thought they did when I processed them.  As I grow as a photographer and a post processor, I notice things about my old pictures that I don’t care for.  I really knew very little about how to handle images back then.  Not that I’m an expert now, but I do understand some basics that I didn’t know about before.

Below is a picture of Mosquito Lake in California originally taken in July 2011.   The top image shows the original processing, and the one below I reprocessed just a few minutes ago.  (Note:  I reprocessed from a jpeg as I did not have the original raw image to work from.)   The reprocessing consisted of correcting color cast through a channel mask, enhancing details, lightening shadows and adding a Graduated Neutral Density filter.  Soon I’ll be back out taking more pics…in the meantime…..