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A View from the Hill (2 iPhone photos)

We have so many hills around here which make hiking a challenge sometimes….wait…a lot of the times.   Seems the good things in life never come easy!   If we have intent we can do almost anything!

Looking across the valley I had a sense of accomplishment.  I wanted to stand there and revel in it a bit.  With this achievement was a great feeling of satisfaction and freedom.  I’m the little engine that could!  And ohhhhh what a view from the hill!


View from the Hill – Taken on my iPhone


A long road to climb but great things await for those who have intent and perseverance.



New Sony A7

This is the first picture off my new Sony A7.  I’m not retiring my Nikon D750, that’s for sure, but it’s nice having a smaller camera for travel or if I’m walking a long way.  I can’t carry heavy equipment so this camera will come in handy!  I’m still figuring it out so I really don’t have details yet as far as to what I like or don’t like about the camera, but it takes fantastic pictures in RAW format so yay for that!

I went up our local Mt. Diablo yesterday morning to try and get some velvety green pictures.  It was a good time to go because we had a huge rainstorm and the clouds were just clearing up.  I felt like a storm chaser trying to get to the top to get above the clouds!

This was done in Lightroom only for those who are curious.

Morning Velvet on Mt. Diablo

Morning Velvet on Mt. Diablo



Lake Chabot and a Sunset (2 images)

I went up to Fairmont Ridge with my camera club a few days ago and the sunset was just stunning!   For this post, I’m including two photos.  Please click on the blog to see both images.  Thank you!

Picture 1:  Lake Chabot – Looking east from Fairmont Ridge at Lake Chabot (named after Anthony Chabot…detail below) which is a reservoir serving the East Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area.  You can see Mt. Diablo in the distance which is the Bay Area’s tallest peak at 3,848 feet.

Picture 2:  Sunset over the SF Bay – Looking west from Fairmont Ridge over the SF Bay.

If you haven’t heard of Anthony Chabot, he was quite the forward thinker, and there are many places in the East Bay named after him.  If you like you can read more about him here in this Wiki.

Lake Chabot

Lake Chabot

Sunset Over SF Bay

Sunset Over SF Bay