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Niles Canyon Railway

The same day I took the Barn picture we went to Niles, California where the Niles Canyon Railway is located.

The history of trains in Niles Canyon dates back to the building of the original transcontinental railroad. The first Western Pacific Railroad Company (formed in 1862) started construction in San Jose towards Sacramento. It built twenty miles of track that reached into Alameda Creek canyon in 1866. Its first passenger excursion entered the canyon on October 2 of that year.  You can read more about it here:  Niles Canyon Railway.

It was fun looking at this caboose and yes I went a bit wild with it.  I so rarely take any images with people in them but how could I resist this grandad with his grandson?  🙂

Addendum…since some of you have asked.  I reduced noise, tone-mapped it in Nik HDR, used Topaz Restyle on a light opacity, created a low-key image and laid it on top of the previously processed layer and exposed the brighter areas I wanted.  Then I sharpened it via Nik Output sharpener and added a vignette.  Oh, I did pop out the color on those windows too.  Hope that helps!

Western Pacific Railroad

Western Pacific Railroad