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Journey of a body on this earth


Under an Oak

Happy first day of Summer to everyone!

Here’s another one taken with and edited on my iPhone.  Phones work out well in a pinch because of their wide angle lenses!  I never leave home without it.  🙂

Under an Oak - Sunol Regional Wilderness

Under an Oak – Sunol Regional Wilderness



Standing Ground

I love how the wind blows over the California hills sometimes.  It sweeps it clean leaving only the strongest…from a small dry blade of grass with its roots firmly planted in the ground to a majestic oak.  It reminds me how with all the turmoil of life surrounding us, we have to be firmly rooted in our beliefs and hear our inner voice.  It’s there that we find our strength.

Standing Ground

Standing Ground




The Golden Hour

One of my very favorite times of the day is when the sun is about to set because it casts a redder tone and long shadows are present everywhere.   I happened to catch the sun as it peeked through the branches of a California oak.

Just before sunset..