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Golden Gate Intensity

The other day I went with my good friend Dan Shehan to Land’s End in San Francisco to capture some photos.  We walked around, up and down, and one of the places we took pictures from was this stunning location.  The intensity of those rocks and waves with the sun casting an orange glow over the whole scene…well, it was quite amazing!

If you wish to read more about this most beautiful part of San Francisco, please click here: Land’s End.

Intensity 2

Intensity 2

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Santa Cruz Surfing Museum

The other day we took a drive down to Santa Cruz, California.  Santa Cruz is the quintessential beach town complete with surfers and an amusement park on the boardwalk.  I’ve been visiting this beautiful place since my early teens for a day of fun in the sun and still enjoy going back to this day.  Included in this post are three images for your viewing pleasure.  Be sure to click on each, especially Image 3 where you can see the beach boardwalk panorama up close!

Image 1:  Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse holds a surfing museum which opened its doors in June 1986 as the first surfing museum in the world.  The lighthouse was built in 1967 as a memorial to surfer Mark Abott, who died while surfing at the nearby Pleasure Point surf break.

Image 2:  The beautiful waters edge.

Image 3:  A panorama shot of the beach boardwalk.

Surfing Museum

Surfing Museum


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