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Alaskan Sunrise

I’ve been kind of busy here and haven’t had time to take any new pictures, so I went back into some pictures and found a sunrise from Alaska that I took from our cabin veranda.  I loved Alaska!





In the Meantime….

Before I set out on my nighttime Christmas light escapade where I will be attempting to capture the season’s outdoor decorations, I looked into the recesses of my computer’s hard drive for an unprocessed picture.

The photo I decided to work with was taken on my iPhone from Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  It’s rare you see vehicles on the beach unless they are law enforcement vehicles, so I thought it was an interesting juxtaposition.

I posted the “after” picture first and then the way it originally looked directly below.

After Processing:


Before Processing:



In Between

A few weeks ago when we were in Pt. Reyes, I took some additional photos which I’ve only recently processed.   This one shows the glorious Pacific Ocean through some large rocks.   We were really lucky with the blue skies because it can be very foggy on the Northern California Coast!