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Journey of a body on this earth


Yin and Yang

“Yin and Yang” is used to describe how opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world; and, how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.  That’s how I felt when I took this photo.  Our move was the very next day and I felt complete peace knowing we were starting a new chapter in our lives, yet I was feeling anxious at the same time with all the things to do regarding the move itself.  Somehow that reflected in this image with the velvety landscape against the stormy sky.

I never take nature for granted.  Every cloud, ray of sunlight and every slope of a hill are always new and beautiful to me.  I hope you enjoy this image as much as I did standing there admiring the scenery.

Yin and Yang








Hidden Treasure

Quite frequently I drive down a road in our town (which I frequent often even prior to the move) and have noticed this cute little shed.  I’ve often wanted to take a picture of this shed, but there’s a little issue of it being on someone’s property.  The other day I wasn’t in a rush and I felt a bit feisty so I stopped, got my tripod out, camera in tow, and carefully tiptoed through the crunchy leaves to a spot I thought might work.  Leaves are VERY crunchy when one is trying to be quiet!

I couldn’t help but wonder what was in the shed, but I didn’t dare go find out.  It would probably be something a whole lot less inviting than I imagine….probably spiders and webs and creepy crawlies!  One thing about this shed is that it’s always so well-lit due to the incredible amount of trees surrounding it.  It’s such a beautiful setting.  I hope you enjoy it!

Hidden Treasure




Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Who doesn’t love that song?  Maybe there are some people that don’t, but I really love it.  I couldn’t stop humming it as I was taking this picture the other evening.  It’s a good thing no one else was around, lol.

It was a blustery, rainy, sunny evening and I took this when I snapped the Power Struggle image I posted recently.  That bench overlooking the little valley where we used to live is just so charming.  It’s funny that I hadn’t taken a photo of it before, but I think everything happens for a reason, so on my last day just before our move, I was provided the opportunity for this shot.

I really believe it was a sign that good things are to come and for a new chapter in my life to begin.  Life is good and not somewhere over the rainbow, but right here and now.

Dreams Do Come True