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Journey of a body on this earth


Muir Beach – Heaven

Taking a break from Mare Island, the other day we drove to Muir Beach to spend a couple hours enjoying the surf.  Heading north on Highway 101 north of the Golden Gate Bridge is the small “town” of Muir Beach.  It’s comprised of around 150 homes of mainly full-time occupants, who are lucky enough to enjoy the 2 beaches (Stinson Beach and Muir Beach), the surrounding Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Mt. Tamalpais, and nearby Muir Woods National Monument.  This beautiful area is full of wildlife: Monarch butterflies in the pine trees, salmon in Redwood Creek, frogs in the pasture, fox, birds, deer, and coyote.

We spent a few hours walking around and laying down on the sand to hear the surf.  Ahh….I love our coast which on the perfect day can be pleasantly warm with fog slowly dissipating from the morning sky.

Muir Beach - Fog

Muir Beach – Fog


An Evening at the Pacific Coast (2 images)

I knew it was going to be a beautiful evening at the coast, so off we went to Rodeo Beach (pronounced “Roh-day-oh”) which is in Marin County.  First off, my plan was to do some long exposures, but when we arrived the tide was too far in and the surf was incredibly high and rough.  I tried a few but I couldn’t get a good composition around the rocks so I finally bagged that idea.  (I’ll share a more “wavy” image in the next day or so.)

It didn’t really matter though, because it was so beautiful and with no wind, so one can’t be too disappointed in conditions like this, that’s for sure.  So off came the 10-stop filter and away I went.

It’s so inspiring to stand on the edge of our continent and watch the huge sun dip down in the sky casting orange glow everywhere until finally we are just left with the burn of color.

Hope you enjoy!