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Lone Boat – Pacific Grove, California


Yes it’s more Pacific Grove!  Need I say more?  :). I’ve closed comments here since I’m unable to respond right now.

sailboatpg1Please check Leanne Cole’s blog out later today for the entire gallery.



Lucked Out – Pacific Grove, California

Surf was up the other day in Pacific Grove.  I love it when the waves are bigger.  Ahhh the mist, the smell of the ocean…I love it!   The tourists love it too, but a bit too much as you see from the second picture here where two people were daring the waves.  Unfortunately, every year many people meet their demise from doing just what they were doing.  (Please click for better quality…I’ve noticed a degradation in quality on the smaller images lately.)

When this wave crashed on the rocks, they were a little worried but still held their fists up in the air as if they’d conquered the world.  The next wave that came crashed on side of the rock and got them wet.  I couldn’t see them for a minute but then I saw them hurrying down to safety.

You can’t fool with Mother Nature!


Monarch Butterflies – Pacific Grove, California

While we were down in Pacific Grove, we stopped by the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary where thousands of butterflies migrate to this location for the fall and part of winter.   It was difficult to see the clusters because they were behind tree trunks and branches and didn’t make for good photos, but docents had spotting scopes so we could look through and see them more closely.   It really was amazing to see them in those clusters.  You can read more about this here:  Monarch Butterflies of Pacific Grove.

It was a challenging environment to shoot in considering dramatic lighting differences between shade and sunlight and not to mention that the butterflies were mostly flying all over the place.   I’ve never seen so many butterflies flying everywhere!  I did my best to capture some shots.  Most are cropped and maybe they aren’t the best but I thought I’d share them anyway.  The first one I made into a painting and the rest I put in a gallery.

Butterfly in Paint

Butterfly in Paint