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Surfer Girl – Monochrome Madness

I did end up asking this girl if I could take her photo but that was after I took this LOL.  It did feel a bit odd sneaking up behind her.  Taking photos of people is not something that I get excited about, but once in awhile I’ll give it a whirl….and then I remember why I like landscapes, macros and architecture so much haha.

Surfer Girl

Surfer Girl

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Chromatic Aberration at the Beach

Most of the time I’m trying to eliminate chromatic aberration (CA).  Whether it’s in HDR or non-HDR, I’m always zooming in and trying to remove this dastardly beast!

Sometimes though, I think CA can be used in an artful way…at least in my humble opinion.  Here’s a shot I took the other day at the beach in Pacifica, California, which I intentionally created a bit of chromatic aberration in post processing for effect. For example, you can see the blueish/purplish areas in the foam and also where the water is pulling back from the beach.

What a glorious day it was there!  This city usually lives in the fog…it’s so rarely clear down there but when it is, it is special!

CA in Pacifica

CA in Pacifica