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Being Unique

I think it’s so important to try and be unique.  For me, I spent a lifetime trying to fit in with everyone around me, but lately I’m realizing that to be myself is what’s most important because therein lies the truth.  It’s definitely hit or miss with making the connection with my inner self onto an image, but I can’t help but have fun trying!

What can I say?  I ADORED Yosemite at Christmas!

My apologies for being a bit vacant with my following right now.  I hope to get back to a regular pace today.



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It’s the Vision not the Process (2 images)

Seems like these days I’m having more and more discussion about what “photography” is.  To me, photography is having a vision and making it come to life through our cameras.  “But when does photography end and art start?  Is there a difference?”  In my opinion, as long as photographers use a camera to take the initial picture, it doesn’t really matter what happens to it after that because it’s all art to me.  I don’t care if the photo has been processed in multiple filters or none at all.   I try to appreciate the vision and not the process.

Now, if you’re talking about entering photos in competitions, I do agree that there should be categories because it’s really difficult to compare a straight out of the camera photo with a photo that has been heavily processed.  They are different techniques.  It would be much like pitting Monet against M.C. Escher.  It’s apples and oranges.

What do you think?

So with that said, I leave you two iPhone photos that I edited in iPhone apps.  If you care to check out more of my iPhone photography, please click on the Instagram link on the sidebar.  Thank you and have a great beginning of the week!


Welcome – One Photo Focus

THIS IS A SCHEULED POST.  I WILL RETURN TO CHECKING BLOGS SOON.  It’s One Photo Focus time!  This really is a fun challenge.  We were all given an image to work on, so I’ve posted both my image and the original below it.  Thank you to Cee Neuner for the original image!

The Process:

Because this house has such a homey, cozy feeling with the huge greenery providing a framework for the front door and porch, I decided on cropping it to tell the story of how good it would feel to approach this house.  Then I ran it through Topaz Restyle and chose a palette to represent the sun setting.  After that I applied Topaz Impression at a reduced opacity and then dodged and burned just a bit here and there.  Finally I added some neutral density filters selectively around the edges.  Hope you enjoy it.

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Original Image

Original Image by Cee Neuner