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A bit on panoramas…

Sorry….I know I posted earlier but I’m excited!

I’m excited because tomorrow afternoon I’m taking my camera club for a tour in a beautiful church.  I’ve taken a couple pictures there before and wondered how I could present a new look that would be different from my previous shots.  Enter idea:  Panorama!

While mostly panoramas are thought of for landscapes, I’ve been reading up on panoramas used for architecture so that’s what I plan on doing tomorrow.  Let’s pray it works out!  Hmm…well I’ll be in a church so praying would be so perfect, right???  🙂

To prepare for my momentous occasion, I tested it out today with the landscape shot below.  While I know it’s different for architecture, I wanted to make sure I knew the best camera settings and how to stitch them together in photoshop.  I know Lightroom does this and I tested it out there.  While it’s ok, I preferred to open my layers in photoshop and create the panorama from there.  In this way I could create a smart object and go back and redo something if it didn’t work out.

It was fun to get myself situated so that I know what I’m doing tomorrow somewhat.  I can’t wait to find out how it goes.  I plan on taking some regular shots just in case lol.

And naturally this image has my own twist to it with its colorization.  🙂

Panorama Test

Panorama Test