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Expanding Horizons – Sense of Depth

Hey everyone!  This is my first installment of “Expanding Horizons” and I hope what I have to share is interesting and informative and maybe even sometimes inspirational, if I’m lucky.  I know not everyone has photoshop, so not every post will be technical in that way, although I do plan on posting tips and tricks done in Lightroom and Photoshop on occasion.  So let’s get started!

One of the things I try to keep in mind when composing a photo is to create a sense of depth that makes the eye wander.  I’m definitely not always successful, but it’s something I consciously do when I’m composing and also processing an image.

As an example, here I’ve included an image of the Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Baker.  When I took the photo, I loved the yellow flowers in the foreground.  For me, these flowers dictated how I would compose the photo because they provided a nice anchor for the image and a place for your eye to start as it meanders back along the shoreline to the first and second towers of the bridge.  The line your eye travels along from the foreground to the background creates a sense of depth in the image.

Some people are really masters at this and I admire people who can consistently do this.  For me, I’m just a beginner on this journey but I hope I can once in awhile inspire someone or share things I’ve learned that can be helpful.

Golden Gate from Fort Baker

Golden Gate from Fort Baker

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Night Seeker – Topaz Glow

Topaz recently introduced its new “Glow” product so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  It has some similar capabilities as the iPad app Tangled FX which I used, in part, to create that Tangled Coneflower I recently posted.   I’m not sure I will purchase the Glow product, but free trials are always good. 🙂

Something I’ve learned is that when I use an effect for my photo art images, it is most always combined with other effects so the entire image does not look “one note” so to speak. I’m trying to learn more about creating more depth to my images and that is often created by light. One of the things I did here was to use a “metal” gradient as an overlay layer to bring a punch of light to the grill which draws your eye there first.  I am addicted to gradients! 

The Glow filter can be gimmicky I think if one isn’t careful about using it with restraint.  What a second…did I say I used restraint in my photos????   Ok so I TRY to use restraint.  😉

(The original photo is at the bottom of this post.)

Night Seeker

Night Seeker

Pickup Flower Power

Pickup Flower Power