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Hidden Treasure

Quite frequently I drive down a road in our town (which I frequent often even prior to the move) and have noticed this cute little shed.  I’ve often wanted to take a picture of this shed, but there’s a little issue of it being on someone’s property.  The other day I wasn’t in a rush and I felt a bit feisty so I stopped, got my tripod out, camera in tow, and carefully tiptoed through the crunchy leaves to a spot I thought might work.  Leaves are VERY crunchy when one is trying to be quiet!

I couldn’t help but wonder what was in the shed, but I didn’t dare go find out.  It would probably be something a whole lot less inviting than I imagine….probably spiders and webs and creepy crawlies!  One thing about this shed is that it’s always so well-lit due to the incredible amount of trees surrounding it.  It’s such a beautiful setting.  I hope you enjoy it!

Hidden Treasure




Power Struggle

I’m baaaack!  Did you miss me???  😛   I’m somewhat settled and it feels good to be in our new home. Life is sometimes a challenge but I’m learning that when there isn’t a struggle of power and you have an awesome teammate like I do in my husband, you can conquer anything.

This image was taken the other day only a few blocks away from that famous “back deck” you’ve all seen here many times.  The weather was very dramatic and I thought it amazing to see the utility poles representing man-made power vs. nature’s power surrounding and dwarfing them.  We are just a speck in the grand scheme of things.





Ode to a Back Deck

Yes I couldn’t resist trying to squeeze in a post before our move lol.

We’ve lived here awhile and I’ve always loved looking out our back deck.  We rarely sat out there though.  Despite the compliments I’ve received on my photos from our back deck, you all probably don’t realize that there are many buildings around us and below us.  I frame things quite carefully to exclude the structures in my shots, but I’ve never cloned anything out.

It seemed fitting on this last post from our current location and the very last shot from the back deck that I share with you how through the magic of framing a shot, you can present only what you want the viewers to see.

Will I miss the back deck?  Hmm…probably not.  While I won’t say where we are headed, it’s not very far away and you will certainly see shots from our new back deck!