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New Series: Expanding Horizons

I thought I’d start a series on what I’ve been doing the last year with my photography in hopes that it might help some of you who are also looking into gaining more experience with post processing, expanding internet presence and also expanding presence via galleries and publications.

Not that I’m an expert by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I thought it might be helpful to write up a post now and again on something specific I’ve done to tackle the items I’ve mentioned above which I will call “Expanding Horizons” even if it’s just a tidbit of information.  Sometimes it helps hearing what others do to know the possibilities or where to look for information.

I’ll try to keep the posts not too lengthy because I know we all lead busy lives and the last thing you need is for me to drone on about something.

Stay tuned!

And please pray my computer returns by the end of this week! I am taking a technology break for awhile and will be back soon!


It’s Done!

Yay, I’m finished with the store!  At long last. 🙂   It was a bit of work but at least now I have a place for people to purchase things.  I’m laughing because I just purchased something myself off the site for my dad.  He wanted my coneflower twirl, so I framed, matted it, and shipped it to him from my store.  🙂  Happy Father’s Day Dad!

Here’s an image that I reworked from an old photograph I took last year.

For description and pricing, [Click here]

Check the store out by clicking on the image above, scroll down and click where it says “click here”.  You’ll then go directly to my store.  Or click this link:   Hope you like it!


Still plugging away….

I’m still plugging away creating my storefront.  It is quite a tedious job and I can only do so many at one time, but I thought I’d post this Zinnia flower taken last year while my camera has been collecting dust lol.

Also, after reviewing others prices in Fine Art America, I decided to update my prices as well.  Hopefully this will make greeting cards a lot more affordable!  You can click the image below, scroll down to the bottom and click where it says “click here” to the image in my store.

My following hasn’t been the best lately although I’m doing my best right now, so my apologies if I’ve missed your post.

For description and pricing, [Click here]