Laura Macky Photography

Journey of a body on this earth


Facebook and Low Resolution

Sometimes I get a little crazy with deleting things.  Evidently I accidentally deleted the main file of this image and could only obtain it again by downloading it from a Facebook group I posted it to.  The real drag is that when you post to Facebook, the images don’t post in high quality as you can see from the one I posted here.  I wonder when that will change?  It seems that all the other places I post images are much higher quality.   And for those of you who will suggest my trash, I was so thorough about my cleanliness that the trash was empty too!  Rats!

Having said all that, this image was created from a photo I took at the Carquinez Straight Regional Shoreline.   I hope you enjoy it!




It Matters

Lately I’ve been having fun with an iPhone 3D app called “Matter”.   David Pasillas is a wonderful iPhone photographer and turned me onto this app.  As you can see I’ve been having fun.  🙂  Thanks David!