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Carpeted Path

From the archives and not yet posted, here’s an image I created from my short walk in Redwood Regional Forest a couple months ago.  I really adore way the path is compact and carpeted with leaves and branches from the big redwoods.  It’s so pretty there!  Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!

Redwood Regional Park

Redwood Regional Park



Down the Path

The other day I visited Redwood Regional Park in my hometown of Oakland, California.  I’ll bet a lot of you are surprised to hear there are forests of redwoods in Oakland.  There are actually quite a few groves of redwood trees in California, and while this little-known redwood forest doesn’t have the giant redwoods, it’s a beautiful grove for hiking, walking or even swimming as there is a pool complex here as well.

Here is more information on this beautiful park in case you’re interested:  Redwood Regional Park.  And wow!  This is my 500th post!!

Down The Path

Down The Path

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Up Close in the Forest

The other day we went to Redwood Regional Park in Oakland and it was a beautiful, warm day.  The dense redwoods provided a nice cover from the sun as we meandered through the forest.  Most people don’t realize Oakland has such beauty.  It has the perfect climate, a fantastic location, and the parks in the hills are absolutely gorgeous.

As we were walking around, I took some pictures of the redwoods but this grouping of pine cones caught my eye.  I thought to myself…how can I present this differently than just a straight up shot.  I love experimenting to create artful images and Photoshop really is like a “digital paintbrush” to me.  Hope you enjoy this bit of the forest!


Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, California

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, California