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Touch of Gentleness

My good buddy Dan Shehan took this AMAZING image yesterday! I just HAD to reblog it. Please head on over to his blog to check out his beautiful photography!

Dan Shehan

I’ve been waiting for a while to get some fog images.  Yesterday, I was on top of Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County located just north of San Francisco.

The beauty of Mt. Tam are the sunsets with a layer of fog below.  The waves of fog in this image were accentuated using an exposure of 30sec.  I’m really liking the smooth texture illustrating the hilly terrain beneath.

Boy…what a way to end my week.  Happy Monday all! Cheers!!!

Touch of Gentleness Touch of Gentleness

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Pelican Pose

I am so excited.  Finally I got out for a drive with my husband on Saturday and it was a glorious day.  It was a pleasant surprise that I was able to get around a little bit.   Hurray for progress!

We drove over to the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge and there was an ambassador there to great us.  He was a bit of a ham for the camera, don’t you think?

Pelican Pose

Pelican Pose


Trees Touching

The morning was so peaceful by the velvety golden California hills as the fog was parting.   Magnificent solitary oaks dotted the hills until I spotted these two close together.  Some things are just meant to be.

Oaks Together Taken in the California Hills