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Days off are important….

I really needed a few days off from pushing my knee.  With all the working out and walking around with my camera club, my knee has spoken.  Yesterday I rested and it really felt great!  Elevation and ice are my remedy when I’m feeling more sore than usual.  What I’ve noticed is that I can push it more these days until it gets sore, which is good news.  I keep hearing in the back of my mind, my in-home physical therapist in the very beginning saying, “In a year, you won’t remember which one you had replaced!”  If I don’t look that is, lol.  I’m looking forward to that day!

In the meantime, I think I filled you all in on our upcoming Alaska trip.  Well, we are really going to have a good time.  We have some excursions that are mind blowing!  One is in a helicopter where the pilot chooses the best two places that day where we can walk on the glaciers.  The reviews of this excursion are all five stars and I’m sure it will be stunning. The second is a 4×4 excursion into the forest.  They say you will get muddy, lol.  I can’t wait!!!  It’s salmon spawning that time of year, so we have a good chance of seeing bears in this location.  I won’t be disappointed if we don’t, though…how can you go wrong with four wheeling in mud in Alaska!?

The last thing we are doing is going on one of the Deadliest Catch boats.  You know, that American TV show (that my husband is addicted to).  It’s to see the life of a crab fisherman.  I don’t even know if that’s the term as I’m usually watching The Bachelorette at that time LOL.  😉   This is another five star review and I think there are lots of bald eagles around which should be good for me and my camera.  🙂

Today is the SF Giants.  The poor Giants are not doing well so far this season.  They’ve been riddled with injuries but we are still rooting for them!  Go Giants!



Saying YES

My husband surprised me today with an Alaskan Cruise in August to celebrate our ten-year anniversary.  I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself.  Both of us have always wanted to go to Alaska, so we are both pretty jazzed about it.

What I’m really excited about is that I can finally make commitments and keep them.  For so many years it seemed I was afraid to say ‘yes’ to anything for fear I wouldn’t feel well enough or be able to go.  Still to this day, my immediate reaction to things is to wonder if I can do it because that’s how my mind worked for so long.  But then I remember…oh yeah, my knee is doing well…I can say yes and be excited about it!

Tomorrow we’ll be looking into shore excursions.  One of them sounds really cool which involves taking a sea plane over the glaciers.  I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome that sounds!  Hopefully there is availability otherwise, we’ll just have to suffer by enjoying the beautiful scenery on the water.  🙂

Life is very good after this knee replacement.  I never thought it would be this good!

chalkPicture of the Day:  A woman transferring her chalk drawing to the sidewalk.

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Say Cheese!

Wow, so today was a big test for my knee.  I went out with my camera club and we walked and walked.  At least for me it was a lot of walking.  Especially since yesterday I did a whopping 55 minutes of cardio.   I was kind of tired when I got up this morning but I went anyway, and I’m so glad I did!  I enjoyed meeting up with a bunch of people who have the same interest as I do.  It was nice to be among the living again.  😛

However, because I walked around a lot for two hours with camera in tow, and because yesterday I did more cardio in one day than I’ve done in years, my knee is reminding me that it is still not 100%.  I’m happy though that I could do all these things without limping or suffering at all.  It was just sore when I got home.   I’ve iced a couple times today, including right now as I type this to you.  Ahhh, feels good.  Four more days till my 7 month anniversary!!

Pictures of the Day:  Blue Jay that landed right next to me.  I got one shot off before he took off.  The other is of a cabbage.