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My First Flash Photo

Yesterday I received my new Nikon SB-700 flash and am having fun learning!  This is my very first flash photo and I’m excited about delving into a whole new area of photography.  And um yes, I did photoshop it just a little bit but nothing that affects the basic light.

My setup is a little popup white studio with a black cloth inside.  The flash was set up outside the photo studio to the right of the flower.  It’s a meshy material so the flash is diffused.  I then also used a bit of flash on my camera to fill in the shadows.  I’m looking forward to learning more and more so that I can get creative.

Macro Sunflower



“Paper” Flowers – Monochrome Madness

It’s good to be back for MMC!  Hopefully I will be here each week from now on.  This week’s image is part of a flower arrangement I received as a get well from a friend of mine.  At first I loved the color but then all of a sudden I had this urge to process it in B&W.  I kind of like the paper flower look and hope you do as well.  Ahh…feels good to be back!

Please check out Leanne Cole’s blog later for the entire gallery.

Still Getting Well

Still Getting Well




Getting Well

Recently I received a beautiful “Get Well” flower arrangement from a friend of mine.  It really perked me up the day it was delivered and it continues to provide happy color on our living room table.   After a nudge from Leanne, I thought I should try and take a picture of it or part of it anyway, so I got my camera out, blew off the dust and took a few pics.  I will say that I’m still a bit loopy from these meds so not only is it difficult to sit at the computer for any length of time physically, it’s hard for me to concentrate!  Sheesh!

Anyway, I wanted you all to know how much I appreciated your support.  I’m moving along….slowly but surely.  I’m actually right on track so I’m happy and grateful.  I apologize for not following everyone’s blogs regularly but hopefully I’ll get back to a regular routine soon.

A Little Color Makes Me Happy

A Little Color Makes Me Happy