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Journey of a body on this earth



There is nothing quite like standing on the edge of a continent looking out at the incredible sunset!  I loved the texture of the water and the sun setting out on the horizon.  The rocks two-thirds of the way out helps the depth of this image I think.  They carry your eye out to the sun and off into the sunset as they say!

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For description and pricing, [Click here]



Looking at the Positive

Sometimes we can’t always get the perfect crispness or focus but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy certain aspects of our less than perfect photos.  What is it that we see in the photo that makes us love it?  Is it the light or the subject or something else that makes us click at that moment.  For me, it was the sun going down and this aerodynamic pelican zooming over the ocean.  It makes me wonder what he was doing.  Is he going to his home for the night?  Is he looking for food?  I like how this image makes me wonder.

I was at Land’s End shooting sunset photos when all of a sudden I saw a pelican just above my head so I whipped up my camera and fired off three shots.  (Don’t forget the value in setting your camera for continuous high speed!  One of the shots is BOUND to come out, right???)   While the shutter speed, etc., weren’t meant for this type of shot, I think it came out pretty good considering it’s an aggressive crop and that it wasn’t a fast shutter nor was it focused on or metering the bird.

So today I’m going to appreciate what I have instead of ripping my photos to shreds in my mind lol.

Pelican in Flight

Pelican in Flight


Glow on the Bay

Fall brings such beautiful sunsets in the Bay Area.  It’s amazing how no two sunsets are exactly alike.  My post processing consisted of only a little bit of Lightroom adjustments.  The color really was that golden!  We are quite high up as you can tell by the plane flying into the Oakland Airport (located in the mid-left hand side of the image).

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

Glow on the Bay

Glow on the Bay

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