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Surf’s Up!

Once again I think I saved a photo from its death.  I had a few left from Rodeo Beach a few weeks ago when the surf was high, so I thought I’d create a painting-like image out of it.    My favorite filter is topaz impression.  I think I was more heavy handed with it on this image than I have been in the past but I kind of like the effect.  I’ve included the before at the bottom just so you can see the difference.  Gotta run…have a great day everyone!

Surf's Up!

Surf’s Up!



Roaring Waves

Now you can see why I didn’t do a long exposure.  See where those waves are rolling in?  I originally had imagined being on the other side of that first rock.  Um yeah, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.   The funny thing was that I felt so prepared before we left the house.  I checked the tide table online before we left and noticed the tide would be low at that time (comparatively) but also noticed that the waves would be 10-15′ tall so I guess I imagined those tall waves out at sea and not crashing in on the shore.  I think what happened is that the tide was low compared to other times of the day but probably not as low as it needs to be for me to take pictures where I wanted.  Live and learn!  I guess I missed Maritime 101 in school.  🙂

In any case, I loved hearing those roaring waves roll in and crash.  I forgot it’s that time of year though….Just a few days ago, 20 minutes south of here at Half Moon Bay, they started the Mavericks surfing championships.  Check out the pictures in this link by scrolling down.   Spectators can’t go there and watch anymore because in 2012 a rogue wave came up on the beach and crashed onto the bleacher area injuring people.  Here’s a video of that.  Please don’t show to young children.  Rogue Wave at Mavericks 2012.

Once time as I was trying to get close the wave crashed up on the beach much further and I had to run away (more like hobble quickly) with my camera and tripod.  Not a pretty sight.  LOL.

Big Waves at Rodeo Beach

Big Waves at Rodeo Beach – Lauramacky


Surf’s Up!

My next entry for the Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole is here!   The complete gallery containing all the submissions can be found here in a few hours:

As most all of you probably know, I love the beach and lately I can’t seem to get enough of it.   This is another shot from Rodeo Beach, and it was actually a fairly nice day for a Northern California beach day despite all the fog rolling in.  This means I didn’t have to wear a parka lol.  Surfers were everywhere enjoying the waves, and I was busy clicking away and saw this scene.  I’d like to go back sometime in the next couple months to try more surfing shots.

Surf's Up @ Rodeo Beach

Black and White of Surfers @ Rodeo Beach north of San Francisco in Marin Headlands