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Sailing on 4th of July

The other night I was so excited for my husband and I to meet up with my photo buddy Dan Shehan to shoot the fireworks being displayed in San Francisco.  We had it all planned to meet up at a little pub by the dock on Treasure Island (Treasure Island connects the eastern and the western portion of the bay bridge).  It’s a great place to see the fireworks and thousands of people show up to enjoy the spectacle.

We got there early and were all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for the event until…..yes…..(insert dramatic music here)….the FOG!  It was creeping over the bay and the city and by the time we got our cameras set up about an hour before the show was going to start, we knew we were doomed for photographing fireworks.

So what do you do when given lemons, eh?  That’s right..make lemonade!  How many times have I gone somewhere expecting to photograph one thing and ended up with another.  Here’s another example.

I’m really loving going in the artsy direction of photographs these days…I think I’ve said that one or two times.  😉   These are some images I took from Treasure Island looking out onto the bay and toward Alcatraz.  Hope you enjoy!



I’ve always enjoyed taking close-up shots but lately I’m really loving it.  Just before the light was completely gone I took this of a rosebud in our garden.  I loved how the unopened rosebuds surrounded this one beautiful rose and how it exists uniquely by itself while the light slowly fades away.   And throughout the night it still stands beautiful even when we can’t see it.

Rosebud in Solitude

Rosebud in Solitude




The Golden Hour

One of my very favorite times of the day is when the sun is about to set because it casts a redder tone and long shadows are present everywhere.   I happened to catch the sun as it peeked through the branches of a California oak.

Just before sunset..