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Here Comes the Bride

Another shot from a day out with my buddy Dan Shehan in SF, this was taken at the Palace of Fine Arts.  It was CROWDED!  I rarely go into the city on a weekend since I don’t have to and wow, lots of people.  I think we saw three or four different wedding groups there all taking pictures around the famous structure.  One of the brides was in hot pink which stood out to me and looked very pretty in the lighting.

I’m really enjoying my new full frame camera and new lens!  It makes processing all the more fun!  🙂   The high res image can be here:  Here Comes the Bride.

Here Comes the Bride

Here Comes the Bride


Hyatt Regency Hotel, San Francisco

I have one more shot from Christmas and then I will tie 2013 up in a neat bow and move onto the next year!  This image shows the lobby of the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.  It’s a very modern building and you might’ve seen a previous post of mine showing the glass elevators that look like lanterns on a wall.  At Christmas, they hang beautiful lights and there are poinsettias all around.  It really is quite stunning!

I felt a challenge to take this interior and then to process the photo so that the image has the impact of what I saw standing there.

Hope to see you here in 2014!!

Hyatt Regency San Francisco