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In the Pink

Continuing my quest for different angles of the Golden Gate Bridge, here’s a painterly take on the bridge which I obtained by carefully climbing down a small hill where I wasn’t supposed to go.  I’m such a rebel, lol.

I think not only can the angles of the bridge be unique, but processing helps create uniqueness as well.  It’s why we can see so many pictures of this magnificent structure from the same angle and constantly see something new.

If you’d like to see a larger version, just click on the image.

In the Pink - SF Presidio

In the Pink – SF Presidio


Tulip Thursday

Every year I seem to get this crazy chest cold.  Hopefully some day soon I will get over it and be able to get out into life once again.  But until then, took a picture of some tulips on our kitchen counter and processed it into what I hope is a pleasing  image.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Grace Falls

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California Oaks

Here’s a painterly image I created from a photo I took of our California Oaks.  There is nothing quite like the smell of Oak trees!  They definitely remind me of home.

California Oaks

California Oaks

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