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Alaska Memories


This was taken in the Tracy Arm, Alaska last year.  The glacier there is quite large like everything in Alaska.  We were lucky to hear and see pieces of the glacier fall into the bay.  What an incredible place!!   It’s another image I reworked.  I’m really noticing that I don’t like my older images.  lol.  Maybe I can rework some old ones while I recover.   🙂


Tracy Arm, Alaska

Tracy Arm, Alaska

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Alaska is amazing!

Hellllloooo from Alaska!

We are having the time of our lives! Alaska is more than I ever could possibly imagine. First wonder was when we went into the Tracy Arm. Wow!!! First, we were one of the first ships to get all the way back to the glacier in the Tracy Arm for at least 17 weeks I think they said. OMG, it was incredible and I’m posting a picture taken on my iPhone for you. I took tons with my camera and can’t wait to get those uploaded when I get back. I was awestruck!


Yesterday we went on a helicopter ride with another couple. It was pilot’s choice on where he picked two landings and boy were we in for a great. Again, it was one of those magical times where the pilot hadnt been able to land in those spots for a long time due to weather conditions, plus if there are children on the ride, he is limited to where he can land. We landed on butcher glacier twice, with two completely different looks. I can’t even describe it here and I didn’t bring my iPhone unfortunately, so those pics will have to wait till I upload from my camera. It was INCREDIBLE!!!!! It was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life!

As a bonus, we met some awesome people that we enjoyed a crab lunch with and then made some dinner reservations tonight with. She’s a photographer, a real one, lol. It’s like we’ve known them a long time. Very comfortable and laid back.

Signing off here until I come home probably. Today is 4×4 in hopes of seeing a bear. We are loving this!